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Internet Workshop "TriArtika" business - a team of professionals with 10 years of experience in web development and online business.

We are engaged in the creation and development of websites in full accordance with the needs and goals of our clients. If you want to obtain a modern website corresponding to all up-to-day standards and requirements of search engines, leave an application and we will contact you to clarify the details. Since we have a professional approach to the work, you will get your website in due time.

TriArtika makes creation and development of websites in Odessa, Kiev and other regions of Ukraine possible. We will create a web project of any complexity in a quick manner. Our prices fully conform to the proposed quality. We will build your website according to the layout and provide full implementation of the prototype.


DEVELOPMENT of websites of any complexity

We are not afraid of your own ideas on the implementation of the complex online project. We will create a unique website in full accordance with the way you have initially seen it. If you need a usable, functional and modern project, it is better to leave an application and start working on it as soon as possible. This has an impact on the number and satisfaction of your customers.

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Creation of websites in Odessa, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine


TriArtika is engaged in the development and creation of online business projects for the customers from the following regions and countries: Odessa, Kiev, Ukraine, the USA, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Abkhazia and others.

Our clients approach us from all over the world after filtering out many other proposals on the development of online projects. The desire to order a profitable website motivates people to choose our team. We feel highly honored with this fact and use our professional experience in order to make the websites of our clients really selling. Our managers do an excellent job. We will provide you with full interaction with our team of developers. That is why you will be able to influence the process of creation of your website in the process of its prototyping.

We bear full responsibility for the further development of your website. This means that you do not have to control the whole process and worry about the time-frame or results. We will clarify all the details, describe the appearance of your website and confirm the terms of its creation in advance. There is an activity list that is to be implemented in order to achieve the desired result in the process of website design and creation: Read more.

We are ready to proceed with designing and creating your website! You just need to contact us and specify the details! The prices are reasonable. We create websites according to your budget without groundless overpricing.


The reason to approach our studio when ordering a website


Our team differs from other companies, which are engaged in the development of websites. We have obvious advantages and that is why our company is so popular when it comes to website development:

  • Large and transparent portfolio: See
  • Reasonable pricing policy. Our prices are fully consistent with the proposed quality.
  • Actual documented feedbacks: See
  • A possibility to order a website developed using php, a selling site, a single-page website (landing), etc.
  • Our clients rely on our many years' experience: more than 10 years.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the best time for starting promotion?

Website promotion should be started directly upon launching the finished project. Considering the fact that all works on internal optimization are made during the first month and indexing of changes takes time, search optimization should be started as soon as possible.

Thus, you will receive first orders and calls, and your business will turn profit within the shortest possible time.

What can I expect from the first two months of promotion?

During the first month, necessary changes and audits are performed. This will help us to be sure that your website is fully functional and consistent with the recommendations of the search engines relevant for the current year. In the middle of the month, we start working on external optimization that includes exchange registration, assigning tasks for the performers, adding project to necessary services and preparing anchor texts for natural promotion campaigns.

The second month is devoted to dealing with external optimization. This process will continue during the following months as well. At the end of the second month, position of your website is improved and new websites start to get first traffic.

The following months are devoted to both external and internal optimization improvements; the level of behavioral factors is taken under control.

What is better: SEO or contextual advertising?

SEO and contextual advertising often run in parallel. This helps to achieve a maximum effect during the first month. Moreover, a well-organized contextual advertising campaign contributes to the rapid growth of website after starting its promotion.


The effect of promotion remains for a long time, even after the work on the site is finished. It will occupy a high position without further maintenance (subject to at least 6 months of uninterrupted operation).

Contextual advertising:

Allows attracting clients directly upon its launch. It has a positive impact on the website promotion. However, finishing the campaign stops the customer flow. It requires constant infusion of money.

It is possible to decide what is better for you only after a preliminary analysis of your website.

Will it do much harm to my business?

Website promotion can do harm only if you are going to employ private persons’ services (freelancers) using questionable methods of promotion (traffic spike, bots, spam, accumulation of behavioral factors, lack of knowledge and tools for the selection of high-quality reference weight).

We do not use techniques increasing the risk of penalties of search engines. Therefore, your business will grow and get new customers.

What is the purpose of the Requirements List?

The Requirements List is a document describing the scope of website operation, each of its pages and functionality.

According to the Requirements List, all project participants work on the implementation of a specific project, i.e. it is a single standard for all project participants. In view of this, it is very important to make a detailed Requirements List.

In addition, the project is checked for compliance with the Requirements List upon the project delivery.

What kind of guarantee do you provide?

After the website has been developed, we check it for operability and compliance with the Requirements List. Then you perform a similar check.

In addition, we set aside some time for testing after the project delivery, payment and relocation of the website to your hosting. You, your friends or clients can check the website during this period. If there will be detected some errors or inconsistencies with the Requirements List in the process of website testing, we will correct them within the specified testing period at no additional charge.

Duration of testing period depends on the size and complexity of the website. It takes from 14 days to 1 month.

After this period, we offer our customers to provide website maintenance. In this case, your websites will always be in operation and under the supervision of professionals!

Does it make sense to create a mobile version of the website?

Mobile version of website is very important nowadays.

The reason is the number of users visiting the website using their smartphones. In this case, mobile version of the website is necessary, because it provides comfort of use.

In addition, such search engines as Google and Yandex introduced a new filter for de-ranking non-responsive websites in mobile results. Furthermore, de-ranking is noticed not only when visiting a website using mobile and other devices. Thus, this filter motivates website owners to create a mobile version due to an extreme increase of the number of mobile devices.

What happens if I bring a customer to you?

First of all, we will be very grateful for your positive recommendations and engagement of your friends to make use of our services.

We are always ready to encourage such actions of our customers. So, if the client brought by you starts to cooperate with us, you can get a discount of 10% of the cost of his/her project.

You can get this discount as your personal fee or as a discount for your friend.

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